School Catchment Areas – How much would you pay?

Posted on 8th September 2017 by Jordan Holmes

The first week of school is over, and the sound of rejoice sweeps the nation as parents enjoy their new found freedom. However, with the end of summer holidays comes the start of a whole new school year and the dreaded battle for catchment areas.

Santander Mortgages have highlighted the true battle that parents face as they scramble to the start line for the first day of school. A Survey conducted by Santander Mortgages, answered by more than 4,000 parents with children of school age, showed that 24% had purchased or rented a property to secure an address within a particular school catchment area.

The Poll further elaborated that of those parents who buy or rent a property to ensure a catchment address, shows that they are willing to spend on average 12% more on a property to live in that desired location.

How does your region compare to rest of the UK?

School Catchment Areas - How much would you pay?
School Catchment Areas – How much would you pay?

Catchment Area Breakdown

  • The average 12% increase in property spending equates to£26,800 extra, based on average Land Registry prices of £223,257, so they have a better chance of getting their child into a school of their choice.
  • This equates to Among families who have moved to be within their desired catchment area, 51% said they had sold their previous property and purchased a new one within their chosen area.
    Another 30% said they purchased a second home in the catchment area, while 19% secured their desired address by renting a property.
  • One in four admits they overstretched themselves, paying more for the property than they could realistically afford and 26% moved to a location that was far away from family or friends.


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