Meet Our Team We have a great mixture of talented individuals who form an integral part of the IAM Sold family.
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IAM Sold: Ben Ridgway
Ben Ridgway New Business Director
IAM Sold: Dawn Reay
Dawn Reay Group HR & Personnel Director
IAM Sold: Eoghan Johnston
Eoghan Johnston Group Finance Director
IAM Sold: Jamie Cooke
Jamie Cooke Managing Director
IAM Sold: Jeff Blood
Jeff Blood Group Finance Director
IAM Sold: Malcolm Mcclen
Malcolm Mcclen Sales & Operations Director
IAM Sold: Tom Bailey
Tom Bailey Corporate Sales Director
IAM Sold: Alex Clowry
Alex Clowry Auction Specialist
IAM Sold: Alex Curry
Alex Curry Auction Specialist
IAM Sold: Alf Ciraolo
Alf Ciraolo Business Development Manager
IAM Sold: Amy Thoroughgood
Amy Thoroughgood Auction Team Leader
IAM Sold: Amy Whitfield
Amy Whitfield Auction Specialist
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IAM Sold Ltd is rated 4.63 stars by based on 301 merchant reviews

4.63 / 5 Rating
301 Reviews
The customer service I received was excellent. I never had too call too chase up information, I was always informed of the progress of my sale, if I was unavailable at the time of the call the information was sent via email. I would highly recommend.
Every person that I spoke to was friendly & helpful even when I was totally stressed!
The property was sold briskly with minimal trouble and with no agents fees