Buyer Information Packs

Our Buyer Information Packs ensure you have the essential information you need to make an informed decision.


What's a Buyer Information Pack?

Simply put, a Buyer Information Pack contains several documents designed to help you bid with confidence.

These packs typically include Local Authority Searches, Water and Drainage Searches, Property Information Form, Fixture and Fittings Form, Title Register documents and more.


Additional information to look out for

The pack may not cover every aspect of a property so you should use this as a foundation to complete your own research. We recommend that you carry out additional checks, including asking questions about anything you are unsure of, completing your own investigations, and seeking independent legal advice. If there are documents not provided within the pack that you may require to form part of your diligence, you should discuss with the Auction Specialist. Where iamsold have provided a Buyer Information Pack, as the buyer you will need to pay a fee upon completion.

Find out more about buying at auction fees

Buying at Auction FAQs

A non-refundable Reservation Fee is required from the winning bidder as a way of securing a property to them for the reservation period. It also provides the seller with added reassurance that the sale is likely to proceed smoothly as it reduces the chance of a fall-through. The Reservation Fee also provides the buyer with the same reassurance, as the seller is bound by the same terms of the auction, which means they cannot accept an offer from another party during the reservation period.


Absolutely, we work in partnership with the listing agent who will facilitate a viewing in exactly the same way as a viewing on a property for sale on the open market. Contact the listing agent to arrange a viewing and iamsold will contact you afterwards to get your feedback.

Our sales methods are designed to provide both the buyer and seller with confidence that a sale will proceed with a reduced risk of fall-through. With Modern Method of Auction, the bid obliges you to pay a Reservation Fee and sign the Reservation Agreement to obtain exclusivity for the reservation period. With Traditional Auction, once your bid has been accepted, or auction has been won, you are required to exchange contracts and pay a 10% deposit alongside the Reservation Fee. Completion is then generally expected within 28 days. With either method, if you do not complete, you will lose your non-refundable Reservation Fee.



Please be advised that all calls made to and from iamsold are recorded. Calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes and may also be used for complaint resolution. Calls are stored securely in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation requirements.